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For Neighborhoods

A critical component of advocacy is learning, understanding and sharing experiences. We started doing immersion trips for college classes or community based learning groups and have now expanded into morning, day, or overnight visits for groups.

Interested in learning about the South Bend immigrant community? Our immersion programs include conversations about the history of Latino migration to then region, the historical overview then covers current trends and information. We visit iconic sites in the neighborhood and discuss the role of religion, small businesses and politics in the daily lives of our families and residents.

Our walking tour to the parish, places to eat, all include meeting community leaders and having in depth discussions around topics of interest to your group. We normally include a meal(s) into the immersion that include learning cultural traditions around food and meals in the community.

We have hosted college spring break groups for an entire week, church groups for day long trips, and even done special events where anyone can register for a tour. Watch out Facebook page for “West Side South Bend” for more information.

West Side Wednesday

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Neighborhood Immersions