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We Advocate

Advocacy has been in our mission statement since our founding. It has been a core part of who we are, that we stand up for not just what we believe, but we stand up for the things that matter to the families and community that are involved in our programs. We are not here to speak for people, but to help give others a voice, to multiply the voices of the community and to ensure that their voices are heard.

Any programs that we have comes with an advocacy component around the issues that created that program. We have a bilingual preschool, so we advocate for expansion of high quality and culturally relevant preschool in the community. We empower children in schools and their families by advocating for equitable education reform. We host a food pantry, so we advocate for the challenges in the neighborhood that create food insecurity and unhealthy eating lifestyles. We assist immigrants through the complicated legal, social and language barriers they face, so we advocate on ways to remove those barriers and become a more welcoming community.

Those are but a few examples of our program, and then how we advocate for long term solutions.



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