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You Can Help

Tu puedes ayudar

This is a Community Plan


We can’t accomplish this work without your support and our entire community working together. La Casa’s success over the past 46 years was because we engaged our families, local students, donors, and supportive community members to ensure success.

A project this ambitious doesn’t come without a big price tag. Our overall campaign is $3.25 million dollars and includes the purchase, renovation, capital reserve, and endowment accounts so the project is sustainable into the future.

At nearly $2 million dollars currently raised, our project has been blessed with support from donors ranging from $250,000 to $5,000 and every level in between! We are still in need of additional funders to ensure we complete this project on time and without having to sacrifice items our community needs in the future space.

Click to download our available naming opportunities.
To get involved you can contact us at

You can also get involved by volunteering! Fill out our form to help during the demo phase


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