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Why We Dream

La razón por la que soñamos
Four Pillars

Community Needs & Dreams


We consider ourselves an opportunity center, but wait lists, programming times, and everything we do has been restricted by capacity. We have rented more and more space, shared space with partners, and offered programs at less than ideal times because it was what was available.

In 2007 we created a committee called “La Vida” to evaluate the future Life of La Casa. When the economic crisis hit, we shelved our plans. Once the economic crisis was over, we knew it was the right time for us to continue with our plans. We did focus groups with staff, families, past leadership, and many others as we evaluated our plans for the future.

At the end of 2016, we worked hard and committed $250,000 to seed the project. It was time to make our move. We could no longer wait list families, postpone partnerships, and tell regional cities we could not reach them. It was time, we needed to expand, not just to meet the needs in South Bend, but in our region.

We collected our needs into four main pillars. The first being gathering space to create community events for everyone in our region. The second is to become a truly regional center to expand even more outside of South Bend. The third is to create recreational space both inside and outside of our building, but also to connect and be closer to great public spaces. The final pillar, culture, is to ensure that we built a truly inclusive, active and accessible space that shows the rich cultural heritage of La Casa.

We know we can become a shining example of how immigrants can impact a region if supported and empowered. We knew we had to dream big, and our “El Sueño” Campaign was born…

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