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Our Plan

Nuestro Plan
Sueño Snapshot
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Innovation & Partnership Driven Plan


As we developed our plan, we realized there was no benchmark, no best practice… that we were going to become the benchmark. We would be the future measure for community integration and empowerment for immigrant and Latino communities.

This was a slow process, a process full of questions. This was a process that took the voices, dreams, and ideas of our neighborhoods, families, and youth into account so our plan would reflect their dreams for the future. We did focus groups, forums, and surveys to ensure we were headed in the right direction.

Knowing we had to get this right the first time, we carefully defined the target, and even started planning for targets we never thought possible. When looking at the south side we thought, “will people think we left the west side?” We reached out to our families for feedback. The consensus was incredibly positive knowing that our services would be accessible to not just to them but the entire region. Looking at the location, we knew it had the indoor/outdoor space and growth potential to serve us for many years.

The plan was born, and then fine tuned with the help of our board, local leaders, and many throughout the region to ensure our focus was on point and something we could sustain to empower the region.

Our campaign committee is made up of key community leaders who have fine tuned this plan and there are still many details to complete before we break ground. We are not only seeking additional funders, but also partners to activate all the spaces and build the synergy that we know this building creates for us and the community.

The plan is too big to share in a PDF, so we encourage you to reach out so that we can meet and discuss our case for support, but more importantly share the dreams that we put into this plan and how you can help.

Contact us at to get involved!

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