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Strengthening Families

Fortaleciendo Familias

Parent and children communication workshop series

Fortaleciendo Familias offers workshops to help strengthen family communication skills and to help parents connect better with their children in school work and working together as a family. Due to the history of migration in most of our families, they face significant cultural, generational, and communication barriers, which this programs aims to address.

Parents want to protect their children, but it’s challenging. Youth need skills to help them resist the peer pressure that leads to risky behaviors. Research shows that protective parenting improves family relationships and decreases the level of family conflict, contributing to lower levels of substance use.

This program is delivered in seven parent, youth, and family sessions using narrated videos portraying typical youth and parent situations with diverse families. Usually, 7-10 families meet over seven weeks. It is recommended that the group size be smaller when dealing with families where parents have begun to have concerns over the problematic behavior of their youth.

This scientifically tested curriculum helps parents/caregivers learn nurturing skills that support their children, teaches parents/caregivers how to effectively discipline and guide their youth,
gives youth a healthy future orientation and an increased appreciation of their parents/caregivers, and teaches youth skills for dealing with stress and peer pressure.

These workshops run on Monday evenings, from 6-8 PM. Call our office for more information and to be added to future sessions, 574-233-2120.