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Our work isn’t possible without dedicated volunteers


Each day we need between 10 to 30 volunteers to ensure that our programs run smoothly and meet the high standards that our students and families expect. Guess what? You don’t even need to speak Spanish to volunteer, our tutoring programs are all done in English and rarely will you be required to speak Spanish, but this is a great place to practice your Spanish!

We prefer that volunteers are 18, but we can take high school volunteers working on required service hours for school. Volunteers working in youth programs or our front desk must pass a background check. We have plenty of volunteer opportunities in our pantry, building beautification, and working special events that don’t require that extra step.

We have an online form to complete that gives you options on times of programs and suggested hours. We can accommodate one-time volunteers, Community Based Learning students, interns and practicum students.

It takes a village and we can not do this without you.