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Words Matter: People are not “illegal” and hence “No Human Being Is Illegal”


Grab a sticker, wear a button, advocate for immigrants.


La Casa de Amistad’s response to community concerns in 2017 about issues regarding immigrants, asylum seekers, and limiting refugee admissions and benefits was our “No Human Being Is Illegal” campaign. The climate of negative rhetoric and stigmatization promotes fear. We wanted to share facts so that each of us can act as an advocate for all immigrants in Michiana.

Words Matter: People are not “illegal” and hence “No Human Being Is Illegal”. We present this tag line to change the narrative through words and facts. We are here to support, love, and serve our community. La Casa de Amistad offers hope, education, acculturation and collaboration to our community immigrants.

• Immigrants are here seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Their presence enriches our lives and continues the rich tradition of our immigrant nation.
• Many current undocumented individuals entered this country with a visa and had a green card. There are many circumstances that contribute to compromising an immigrant’s status. Unlawful presence is a civil offense. Civil offenses don’t make you a criminal.
• Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federal and state benefits. Many studies show that even eligible Latino citizens and resident families tend to not use these benefits.
• Immigration is not at a high point. Since the recession in 2008, immigration has slowed; presently, the net migration between US/Mexico is actually negative.
• Undocumented immigrants pay sales taxes, property taxes and purchase items here.
• The Social Security Administration estimates that in 2013 alone, undocumented immigrants and their
employers paid $13 billion in payroll taxes for benefits that were not claimed.
Please engage in our campaign to change the conversation with a “No Human Being is Illegal” sticker.

Together, with knowledge and understanding, we can create positive momentum regarding immigrants.