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Resident Identification Endorsement

Plymouth Resident IDentification Endorsement


The PRIDE program is an optional, valid identification card offered to all Plymouth, IN residents that aims to help populations that have difficulty obtaining acceptable forms of photo identification. Anyone applying for the card will need to provide two proofs of identification and proof they reside in Plymouth, IN. Effective since January 27, 2020, approved by the City of Plymouth, IN.


The PRIDE card allows residents to identify themselves with city services and offices such as municipal buildings, police department, and fire department. This identification card also aims to help marginalized individuals come out of the shadows to finally immerse themselves within their community. It is designed to help keep the Plymouth community safe.


We are looking for local businesses who will accept the PRIDE as photo identification. If you would like to partner, please fill out our Partnership Form.


We offer PRIDE ID days once a month and have an appointment system set. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 574.233.2120. The PRIDE card is $25 for community residents, with discounts for seniors 65+ ($20) and minors under 18 ($20). Only original documents will be accepted.


We want to be able to provide PRIDE to those who can’t afford the fee. If you want to help sponsor program costs, or sponsor IDs for residents who are not able to pay, please call us and send a donation for this program. You can donate here: