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Resident Identification Card

Elkhart Resident Identification (ERID)


The Elkhart Resident Identification card is for residents who live within the city limits of Elkhart, Ind. The card will be of particular help to people who are unable to get a driver’s license or other form of official identification. This includes immigrants as well as elderly, formerly incarcerated and homeless people.


ERID allows residents to identify themselves for instances such as picking up children from school, obtaining financial statements, and ordering official transcripts from a local college or university. A primary benefit is being able to interact with the City of Elkhart services such as Elkhart Police Department, Elkhart Fire Department and city buildings/services. The ERID is designed to keep the Elkhart community safe.


We host ID days once a month and have an appointment system set in place. To obtain an ID you must contact our office at 574-233-2120. The cost of the Elkhart Resident ID card is $25.