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Our Story

Welcome to La Casa de Amistad


We are a not-for-profit charitable organization, which functions as a youth and community center on the west side of South Bend. We were founded in October 1973 as a youth outreach program in response to the needs confronting Hispanic teenagers. Founded by Fr. John Phalen, C.S.C., and many other Latino community leaders, La Casa de Amistad offered various programs in an effort to assist Hispanic youth in self-acceptance and appreciation of their culture.

In 1975, La Casa officially incorporated and proposals were submitted petitioning additional funds for full-time personnel. As a result of various grants and numerous private donors, in 1980 La Casa de Amistad moved its operations from a home on South Warren Street to its current location at 746 South Meade Street. In 1985, La Casa became a United Way agency.

In keeping with its original mission, La Casa continues to focus on offering opportunities for Latino youth to help them succeed in today’s society, while fostering cultural pride. Since our founding, La Casa has modified its programming to address changing community needs. As a result, today La Casa not only provides programming for youth; it also offers services for adults, immigrants, seasonal workers and advocacy for local families.

Many local Latinos and community leaders have been the beneficiaries of La Casa’s services or have helped to implement and guide programs. Through their support, and others in the community La Casa continues to respond to the changing needs of our community.